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Self-Paced Course Curriculum

In this course I will guide you through …

    1. Step 1: Personal Welcome From Jenna!

    2. To access the Thinkific app ...

    3. Step 2: Terms and Conditions

    4. Step 3: Agreement of Terms and Conditions

    5. Step 4: Purchase Recommended Supplements

    6. Step 5: Set a Schedule

    7. My Gift to You --- 101 Healthy Weight Loss Recipes Guide!

    1. Week 1: Goals

    2. Week 1 - Video

    3. Week 1A: My Why Worksheet

    4. Module 1B: SMART Goal Setting

    5. Module 1C: Intro to Food Logging

    6. Module 1D: How Often Should I Weigh Myself

    7. Week 2: Goals

    8. Week 2- Video

    9. Module 2A: Meal Timing

    10. Module 2B: How to Balance Your Meals Using the Plate Method

    11. Module 2C: Portion Control

    12. Module 2D: Your Weight Loss Calorie Calculator

    13. Week 3: Goals

    14. Week 3 - Video

    15. Module 3A: Your Workout Guide

    16. Module 3B: Sleep Hygiene

    17. Module 4: Goals

    18. Week 4 - Video

    19. Module 4A: Meal Planning & Prepping

    20. Module 4B: Sample Meal Plan

    21. Module 4C: List of Recipe Websites + Social Media Accounts

    22. Module 4D: My Favorite Brands + Promo Codes

    1. Module 5: Goals

    2. Week 5 - Video

    3. Module 5A: Healthy Snacking for Weight Loss

    4. Module 5B: How to Make a Balanced Snack + Worksheet

    5. Module 5C: How to Read Food Labels

    6. Module 6: Goals

    7. Week 6 - Video

    8. Module 6A: How to Identify Hidden Calories

    9. Module 6B: Making Healthy Food Swaps

    10. Module 6C: Healthy Clean Label Brand Swaps

    11. Module 6D: Your Fast Food Guide

    12. BONUS: Healthy Cooking & Baking Swaps Cheat Sheet

    13. Module 7: Goals

    14. Week 7 - Video

    15. Module 7A: How to Stay on Track: Weekend Edition & Handling Social Events

    16. Module 7B: How to Stay on Track: Dining Out Edition + How To Navigate Restaurant Menus

    17. Module 7C: How to Stay on Track: Travel Edition

    18. Module 7D: Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Options at the Airport

    19. Module 8: Goals

    20. Week 8 - Video

    21. Module 8A: How to Boost Your Metabolism For Weight Loss

    22. Module 8B: Menstrual Cycle 101

    23. Module 8C: Which Hormones Play a Role in Weight Loss?

    24. Module 8D: How to Handle Bloating & Inflammation

    25. Module 8E: Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle for Premenopause, Perimenopause, and Menopause

    1. Module 9: Goals

    2. Week 9 - Video

    3. Module 9A: Emotional Eating

    4. Module 9B: Stress Management

    5. Module 9C: The Power of Deep Breathing for Weight Loss

    6. Module 9D: The Power of Meditation for Weight Loss + Resources

    7. BONUS: Nutrition & Reiki Integration

    8. BONUS: Crystals & Nutritional Healing

    9. Module 10: Goals

    10. Week 10 - Video

    11. Module 10A: Healing Your Relationship to Food

    12. Module 10B: Embracing Your Body

    13. Module 10C: A Word on Clothing Sizes

    14. BONUS: Body Positive Affirmations

    15. Module 11: Goals

    16. Week 11 - Video

    17. Module 11A: What is Mindful Eating?

    18. Module 11B: Benefits of Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

    19. Module 11C: How to Practice Mindful Eating

    20. BONUS: The Gut-Brain Connection

    21. BONUS: Chocolate Mindful Eating Exercise

    22. Module 12: Goals

    23. Week 12 - Video

    24. Module 12A: Celebrating Accomplishments

    25. Module 12B: Future Goal Setting

    26. BONUS: Future Support on Your Journey

    27. Feedback Questionnaire

    1. High Protein Foods List (Plant & Animal Sources Included) + Nutritional Info

    2. High Fiber Foods List + Nutritional Info

    3. 6 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss + Nutritional Info

    4. 5 Healthy Sandwich Ideas for Weight Loss

    5. 5 Healthy Salad Ideas for Weight Loss

    6. 20 Healthy Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss (Chicken, Lean Meat, Fish and Vegetarian Examples Included)

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BONUS: 101 Healthy Weight Loss Recipes eBook

Your ultimate guide to a delicious, nutritious, and wholesome welness journey! This cookbook is not just a collection of recipes; it's an interactive, user-friendly experience that puts your health and convenience first.

Inside, you'll find a sample 2-week meal plan, carefully crafted using the recipes you'll discover in this eCookbook!


Learn my proven, simplified weight loss method so you get the results you deserve!

Instructor - Jenna Appel

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and Certified Reiki Practitioner with an emphasis on healing my client's relationship to food without dieting and food restriction. My unique approach focuses on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of wellness and takes a much deeper approach than the typical weight loss program. My focus is on the use of non-scale victories through evidence-based practices to provide my clients with the tools and support they need to reach their optimal health (hint: it is not just about the number you see on the scale). My proven Healthy Weight Loss Method framework has helped thousands of people redefine their relationship to food, end yo-yo dieting for good and build healthy, sustainable habits that last. Let's work together to help you live your best, most abundant life!

Jenna Appel

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @healthy.weight.loss.dietitian

By investing in this course, you will receive:

  • My complete framework and unique process that I have used with hundreds of clients to help them lose the weight for good without restriction

  • Recorded video modules, executed by me, to facilitate your learning and understanding of meal planning for sustainable weight loss

  • Worksheets with each module to help you implement what you learn into your life, culture, and food preferences

  • Lifetime access to all modules and activities